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2009 FORD Fiesta Zetec 96 Damaged Very Popular Easy Resale

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! 2009 FORD FIESTA ZETEC 96 DAMAGED Are you looking for a vehicle that could be a easy sale with some meat on the bone to make a profit?  Then take a look at this 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec.  It […]

Finding Good Deals on Auction Car Salvage

When dealing with Car Salvage, the buyers are benefited with handsome discounts over regular auction vehicles. The reason why there are so many salvage vehicles ready to be sold is that there are a handsome number of accidents occurring every year across the country. Some of these vehicles are in a position to be reconditioned […]

When Is A Car Termed as ‘Salvage’? Should You Buy It?

Most people dump their car when it does not perform up to the expected level. But the question is, when is it classified as a salvage car? If we go by the definition, salvage is defined as anything that is worn out and old and has no purpose for anyone by any means. However, different […]

4 Key Questions You Need to Know About Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles have seen a gradual rise in sales over the past one decade. The reason behind it is simple; people are considering environmental friendly vehicles over its alternatives. However, before going for its ownership, it is advisable that you look at both, pros and cons, of buying a hybrid vehicle. What technology is used […]

Top 2 Ways to Determine the Value of a Salvaged Car?

Salvage is a common word referred to the damaged or reconstructed cars in regions like North America and Canada. The fact that cars are not in a good condition and left affronted by insurance companies makes many people refrain from the very idea of having consider them as a buying option. However, it is not […]

3 Reasons to Switch To Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles

Who would have thought a couple of decades back that a vehicle can even run on water? The discovery has been made possible until recently. With the fuel and gas prices shooting up with time, it has become a necessity to find an alternative to fuel energy to run a vehicle. Hybrid vehicles could be […]

Hiring The Best Abandoned Car Removal Services

There are various instances when car owners feel that their vehicle is no more capable of being driven on the busy roads and streets. That’s when the option of dumping that useless wrecking machine comes in mind. However, such cars could also be sold for lucrative cash if sold to the best abandoned car removal […]

Importance of Contacting Salvage Car Company at the Right Time

Whenever someone buys a car, the intent of the owner is to keep it well-maintained at all times. However, that is not always practical. There comes a point in a vehicles life for every car when it needs to be dumped. While there are some people who love to spend a lot of money on […]

Uses of Salvage Car Parts

When a car is termed as salvage, its different parts come into different uses. This is the very reason why some car owners consider their used car as their prized possession. Car owners can make huge money by means of reselling the items, processing them to manufacture metal items and structures, or bringing them to […]

Starting a Salvage Car Recycling Company

The business of trading salvage parts of cars has been on a boom even in the recession-affected economy. That is why many people have recognized this as an opportunity to initiate a company when the business is on all-time high. However, there are three main factors that need to be kept in mind before starting: […]

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Welcome to Auction Car Salvage, were you can find discounted new to salvage vehicles. With so many accidents occurring per year their are a great number of salvage vehicles available for sale. Some are in good enough condition to be reconditioned and used again. But like most some are beyond repair and a great for salvage parts for other vehicles. >>> Click Here to Learn About Government Salvage Car Auctions <<< It is a misconception that all salvage vehicles are un-usable. That is just not true. Insurance companies only total cars that have been in accidents because they feel that the car are not worth the price it would take to recondition a vehicle. Their may not be much wrong with the vehicle, not frame damage but cosmetic. But the parts for that cosmetic work out weighed what the insurance company was willing to pay. As a result, some Auction Car Salvage vehicles are worth the money saved. Take a look around and see what you can find. Their are a number of types of salvage to choose from. Below are a list of salvage vehicles to choose from. Unrecorded Salvage - These are insurance damaged vehicles that have not been recorded as salvage vehicles with the local department of motor vehicles. Stolen Recovered Salvage - Recovered stolen salvage represent a great discount. As most of these vehicles may be damaged to a point that it is not feasible for the owner to have them repaired. Thus, insurance agencies are just trying to get them off of their books. Accident Damaged Cars For Sale - Now if your looking for a salvage vehicle, these may be the most damaged of all salvage vehicles to purchase. These vehicles have been through an accident and most will take some money to repair them to normal standards. Repairable Salvage Cars - Repairable salvage cars are vehicles that usually don't have a significant amount of damage to repair. If it is significant damage, the problems can be repaired and the vehicle can return back to the streets. jaguarsalvageJaguar Salvage Car The Jaguar car company is owned by the Ford Motor Company. This is not the most reliable car but it is a very luxury vehicle. The car is sleek and just looks very good. Brand new these cars demand a high price and most will not be able to afford them. At salvage they are reasonably prices but the parts to refurbish the cars are more expensive than parts for other vehicles. A positive is that these cars hold there value and higher resale rates than most. toyotasalvageToyota Salvage Car Toyota a Japanese company has made a very good name for itself. They are known for cars that just don't break down and are easy to service either by a professional service representative or by the normal consumer. Salvage Toyota's are also very reasonably priced than other salvage cars. Getting a great price on these cars will yield a great return when they are resold. The parts for these cars are also very accessible and affordable making them a perfect choice for salvage cars. fiat-salvageFiat Salvage Car The Fiat is a Italian car manufacturer engine manufacturer, financial and industrial Turin in the Piedmont region. The Fiat is manufactured all across the world and is marketed in sold in France, Italy, Egypt, South Africa, India, and China. The car is not shipped or sold to the United States. The Fiat company is a fleet of smaller vehicles that are great on gas making them perfect for the European market. hondasalvageHonda Salvage Car Honda is another very reliable car that is known for its reliability. Owners of these vehicles have praised them for lasting way past 200000 miles. So have even last to the 300000 to 400000 marks before the owners decided to let them go. Owners of Honda's are very loyal to the company and will hot purchase anything else expect another Honda. As for salvage there are plenty of choices to pick from. Salvage Honda turn up on the auction block daily. They are perfect investments and buyers usually get there money back and more once they are been refurbished. bmwsalvageBMW Salvage Cars BMW cars are German made cars that are famous for being very reliable and well made. The German have a high standard of how there vehicles are to be made to protect there citizen on there highways. Germany motor authority has put together high standards for the auto industry because of there high speed highways that allow drivers to have speeds in access of 100 mph. As a result BMW's need to be able to withstand high speed accidents like roll overs and vehicle to vehicle crashes. Ford Salvage Cars Ford Salvage Cars Looking for a salvage car that is economical and has a lot of parts dealers to choose from. Then you may want to take a look at Ford Salvage cars. When picking a vehicle that you may want to rehab it is important to find a car that not only will not cost as much to redo, but also a vehicle that you will be able to find parts for. Fords are a well known brand and a lot of people purchase them. You should not have any problems finding parts either used or new for your project. Land Rover Salvage Car Land Rover Salvage Car For a luxury truck a Land Rover is a great pick. They are hardy SUV's that can handle a lot of wear and tear. They are also reliable on the open road. And made to be able to go off road without having any problems. Rehabing Land Rovers can be a great opportunity. They keep their value and even after a crash you should be able to get a good return on them. Mercedes Salvage Car Mercedes Salvage Car I really like Mercedes Benz and the kind of vehicles that they produce. Their crash ratings are great and they just look very good. Mercedes can cost a lot to redo. The parts are just so expensive unless you have a supply that you can get them at a discount. Otherwise, it is important to purchase a salvage Mercedes Benz at a very discounted price if you are planning to resale the vehicle. Salvage Mini Cooper Salvage Mini Cooper Mini coopers have been around the UK for a while now. But these vehicles have just made it to the US in the last few years. Westerners are seeing the value that these car bring to a picture. They are compact, so they easy to maneuver in and out of traffic. An added benifit for them being small is that they are economical on gas. Nissan Salvage Car Nissan Salvage Car Nissan's are sometimes one of these underestimated car dealers that most people will just look past. But the fact is that Nissan is continuously producing a very superior product that is on the same level as Toyota. And what make the Nissan brand so great is that it is mostly word of mouth that keeps these cars selling.